Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lenovo launches the latest ThinkPad business laptops for 2020

There was a time when ThinkPad computers were synonymous with laptops. Although IBM sold the brand to Lenovo in 2005, the ThinkPad is still one of the most reliable and powerful lines of laptops on the market.

With that in mind, Lenovo recently announced its updated ThinkPad lineup for 2020. As you might expect, the trend is for reliability, ease of use, and professional features. Each of the newly announced ThinkPad laptops is expected to be available from the second quarter of 2020.

Lenovo ThinkPad T14, T14s and T15
Lenovo ThinkPad T Series Laptop

The ThinkPad T series is Lenovo's premium and most expensive offering. The numbering system refers to the size of the screen; T14 is 14 inches, T15 is 15 inches, while the T14 is an ultra-portable edition. The recently updated models come with Windows 10 Pro as standard and are powered by 10th generation Intel Core vPro processors. The T14 and T14 can also be configured to use the AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 mobile processor.

Laptops come with the latest built-in standards, like Wi-Fi 6 support. You'll also find plenty of Dolby technology inside, too, with the T line including Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision speakers. To save energy, the devices are equipped with Lenovo's modern standby technology. This helps T-series laptops deliver a smartphone-like experience, where synchronization can continue in the background in low power mode.

Lenovo ThinkPad X13 and X13 Yoga
Lenovo ThinkPad X-Series Laptop

However, not everyone wants a bigger device, so Lenovo also offers the ThinkPad X13 and X13 Yoga. They are smaller and refurbished versions of the latest T series laptops. In particular, these devices can also be equipped with an FHD 500 nit PrivacyGuard ePrivacy screen with PrivacyAlert. Although it's a bite, the screen can prevent prying eyes from snooping on your work while on the go.

The X13 Yoga is part of the Lenovo hybrid range, with a foldable touch screen. This means that the device can be used both as a laptop and a tablet. It also comes with Dolby Audio speakers and can be configured with a UHD OLED screen with Dolby Vision. Both laptops have 10th generation Intel Core vPro processors, like their larger T-series parents. Likewise, you can choose to equip the X13 with the AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 mobile processor instead.

Lenovo ThinkPad L13, L13 Yoga, L14 and L15
Lenovo ThinkPad L series laptop

Although T and X series laptops offer excellent performance and specifications, they are also expensive. L-series ThinkPads distill some of the brand's desirable features into a more affordable package.

The company has offered L-series laptops in the past, and these devices represent more a gentle refresh than a complete overhaul. While there isn't much between these and previous versions, they are now thinner and lighter than their older counterparts. They have also been upgraded to Wi-Fi 6 to support the latest standards.

There are also small but useful features, such as the communication function keys, which aim to make digital meetings easier and faster. The L13, L13 Yoga, L14 and L15 are all equipped with Windows 10 Pro and have fingerprint readers to support the Windows Hello biometric connection. 10th generation Intel Core vPro processors power L-series laptops, but the L14 and L15 also support the AMD Ryzen Pro 4000.

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