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The 5 best bullet log apps for effortless bullet logging

You can use any note taking application to create a digital Bullet journal. But you have a lot less work to do if you start with an app that has the right ingredients for keeping a Bullet Journal.

Not sure where to find such bullet journal apps? Start with the ones listed below. We chose them because they bring some key benefits. These applications:

Make fast journaling painless

Have ready-made icons for captions (task, event, note) or at least include labeling, labeling and color coding options
Give yourself a quick way to search your journal entries
Now let's move on to these bullet journal application recommendations.

1. Trello

trello-bj journal

Trello's cross-platform availability and automation capabilities are a big plus if you want to set up a smart electronic journal. You can automate Trello to create tables (for modules) and cards (for dates) according to a calendar.

You don't need the Index module and page numbers, because Trello's powerful search functions make it easy to find what you need.

Do you want an overview of your tasks for the month? You can get one if you assign due dates to cards, then switch to the monthly view of Calendar PowerUp, one of Trello's best power-ups to add to your workflow. Color-coded labels can be used as bullets and signifiers to add context to your journal entries.


Does it go from paper to complex Trello sound? In fact, this is not the case, as you will see in our step-by-step guide to creating a Bullet journal in Trello

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. The guide shows you how to bring all aspects of your paper journal to Trello. It also gives you an example of a monthly dashboard that you can clone and add to your Trello account.

Trello isn't the only popular note-taking app that can switch your journal from analog to digital. You can also use Evernote for chip logging. If you are a Mac user, you can use reminders, calendar or notes as bulleted journal. These macOS log applications

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Download: Trello (free, Premium plans available)

2. NotePlan

NotePlan comes with a calendar, markdown notes and to-do lists. The Calendar view allows you to see the big picture like the monthly newspaper in your paper journal.

When you want to zoom in on your entries for a particular day, switch to the Notes view. Here you can use a mix of tasks, lists, reminders, events and general notes to plan and think about your days.

With color-coded tasks, @tags and #tags, linked notes and linked dates, it's easy to jump to the right entries in your journal at any time. You also have Dropbox and iCloud sync, so you can keep your chip log ready for use on all of your Apple devices.

Overall, NotePlan doubles as the perfect bullet log and many users of the app use it as such.

Download: NotePlan for macOS ($ 30, trial version available) | iOS ($ 15)

3. Working group
Bullet task log template

It's handy that you can use Taskade as a guest before signing up. The app allows you to add checklists, plans and notes to your bullet journal. You can also choose from different bullet formats, making it easy to match the bullet points and signifiers in your journal.

The app also has basic formatting and emoji options. To plan your plans, Taskade gives you Due Date and Add Calendar options. This last feature allows you to connect to Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar.

Attachments, templates, comments, tags, research - Taskade has it all. It is a versatile application that lends itself to all kinds of note taking. We recommend that you start with the Taskade Bullet Journal template to save time when setting up your journal.

Download: Taskade (free, premium plan of $ 7 / month available)

4. The companion of the Bullet Journal

You must use the companion Bullet Journal app with, and not in place of, your analog bullet journal. This makes this weirdest mobile app from the creators of Bullet Journal the strangest on this list. But it is the perfect solution if you are not ready to completely abandon your paper newspaper in favor of a digital newspaper.

The companion app invites you to think about your plans and notes with reminders twice a day. (You can change the times for these reminders to suit you.) It also has a Library section that allows you to search your old bullet journals.

If you are away from your notebook, you can use the app to log in, and then migrate the entries to your notebook while you are thinking. You have a 72-hour window to move your entries from the application.

The Bullet Journal Companion includes a set of guides covering all aspects of journaling journals. It will certainly appeal to beginners and veterans of the Bullet Journal. If you like the community aspect of Bullet Journal, you will appreciate the compilation of articles from the official blog in the app.

Download: The Bullet Journal Companion for iOS ($ 5), Android ($ 5)

5. Dynalist

Dynalist is one of the best and most popular chip-based task list apps

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. It comes with Markdown support, tags, due dates and internal links, among other features.

The application tree is ideal for managing your daily newspapers. For bullets and signifiers, you can use regular keyboard characters or appropriate emoticons. Since Dynalist allows you to bookmark items, you can keep your most important modules easily accessible at all times.

The demo version of Dynalist gives you a detailed overview of how the application works. It's the perfect testing ground for determining if the app can work like your bullet journal.

Download: Dynalist (free, premium version of $ 10 / month available)

More apps for online bullet journal

We have provided a few additional options that you can work with, in case the apps we listed above don't interest you:

First day: if you don't mind paying a subscription or going without premium features
TheBrain: To combine the power of the Bullet Journal with the flexibility of mindmaps
OneNote: if you like all Microsoft applications
GoodNotes: for bullet journaling with a stylus
A Bullet Journal is what you make it
If you need a reliable system for taking notes quickly, a Bullet Journal is up to the task. It gives you a good framework to start with, but isn't so rigid that you can't customize it.

For those of you who want to keep your bullet journal online, we have shown you apps that can make the change easier for you. You may also want to consider these mobile note-taking apps to create bullet journal spreads.

If this is the inspiration you are looking for, try these places to gather ideas for your Bullet Journal. And if you need a refresher of this note-taking method from time to time, keep our Bullet Journal cheat

The Bullet Journal Cheat for Quick Note Taking

If you need ideas for your bullet journal or a quick summary of the essentials, this cheat sheet can help.

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